Everything That’s Happened in My Chaotic Life These Past 2 Months

& Why I haven’t published anything on Medium.

Talia Diaz


Photo by Isaiah McClean on Unsplash

Since I started on Medium 2 years ago, my publishing frequency has certainly varied —

Sometimes I’m really in the groove and publishing 10+ articles per month. Other times, I’m barely putting out 1 article per week.

But for the first time these past 2 months, my Medium presence has gone completely dark. I’ve published absolutely nothing.

And that’s for good reason! My personal life has been extremely chaotic, and I’ve had to ruthlessly prioritize how I spend my time.

Because since March, I’ve:

  • Accepted a promotion at work / been busy learning my new job, while simultaneously training my successor in the previous job
  • Attended 6 business trips (Orlando →Vermont →LA →Austin →back to Orlando →back to Vermont) that were great, yet outright exhausting!
  • Closed on my new house & moved into it!
  • Moved out of my old house, prepped it for renters, and officially became a landlord!
  • Attempted (in the midst of the chaos) to maintain some normalcy in my personal life

All of this has left Medium on the back burner.

I suppose that’s to be expected, because ultimately — I’ve always regarded Medium as a small side hustle that has little impact on my overall life.

And with a newfound source of ‘side hustle income’ from my rental property, earning money on Medium seemed less urgent than ever…

Especially because my residual Medium earnings didn’t completely tank during my publishing hiatus:

Although I’m not making the same as if I were proactively publishing — it’s been rewarding to see my articles generate truly passive earnings these past several months.

It’s not only about the money, though…

The dust from my recent whirlwind is finally starting to settle, and I’m getting…



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